Excluded Property 2016: where are we now?

It has been an interesting year for family law lawyers giving advice to clients about division of property and how to ensure they can keep the assets they are bringing into the relationship in the event of separation.   [Click here...]

Jon Lazar and Sandy Hawkins on CKNW

Click the link below to listen to Jon Lazar and Sandy Hawkins talk about Collaborative Divorce [Click here...]

Collaborative Divorce – A client’s story

Written by a client of mine and shared with client permission.  All names and personal references have been deleted.   What kind of divorce do you want? It’s not the kind of question that a person normally asks themselves. [Click here...]

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Presentation in Hawaii January 2015

Earlier this year I responded to an invitation by the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia to submit a proposal for a presentation to the Medical/Legal Conference in Hawaii in January 2015.  [Click here...]

Guardianship under the New Family Law Act – what separated parents need to know

Under the Family Relations Act (the law that existed in BC before March 2013) if separated parents were joint guardians, and one parent died, the other parent became the sole guardian of any minor children;  neither parent could appoint a guardian to replace them in the event of their death. [Click here...]

Karen Redmond CBC on the Coast with Stephen Quinn

To Listen to Karen Redmond on the CBC on the Coast with Stephen Quinn, click the link below and fast forward to 2:07 minutes. . [Click here...]

Vancouver Sun Article – Jennie Weeks, Collaborative Law and the Free Family Law Seminar

Click:  Vancouver Sun Article about Jennie Weeks, Collaborative Law and the upcoming Free Family Law Seminar

Free Family Law Seminar Tuesday February 12, 2013, 7 pm at the West Vancouver Library

Join Karen Redmond, mediator and family law lawyer, along with Yuval Berger, child and family therapist, and Jennie Weeks, financial advisor, for a presentation about Family Law and Collaborative Divorce.  Find out how a team of professionals can help you transition through separation and divorce while minimizing the financial and[…]

Common Law Spouses and your rights under the New Family Law Act, March 2013

Under the current law in British Columbia, persons who are not married cannot rely on the Family Relations Act (FRA) to divide property. If you are married, then the FRA sets out a presumption for an equal division of property between husband and wife. Common law spouses who are not [Click here...]

Mental Health Issues as prejudice arising during separation and divorce

It is well known that divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, if not the most stressful, closely followed by death of a spouse and or death of a child.  Not surprisingly, stressful situations exacerbate and possibly cause latent health issues to come to the [Click here...]

New Family Law Act will come into effect March 18, 2013

The New Family Law Act will come into effect March 18, 2013. More information is available here: [Click here...]

Collaborative Approach to Family Law

While on a plane back from an excellent Collaborative Law Conference in Phoenix last month, I wrote the following notes on my blackberry.  If you have a blackberry and you know how small the keys are, you will appreciate how excited I was about the conference, to have been motivated [Click here...]

Changes in Family Law

Thank you to everyone for your patience with our updated website and thank you for all of your positive feedback.  We are extremely pleased with the new site and look forward to hearing from all of you now that our blog site is up and running.  You can click the [Click here...]