Child & Spousal Support


Child Support

At Redmond Law, we provide advice regarding payment of child support and the sharing of children’s extraordinary expenses.

Child Support addresses the basic needs for children, including food, shelter and clothing. Extraordinary expenses include expenses like medical and dental care, extracurricular and recreational activities, some educational expenses and the like. Parents have a joint obligation to provide support for their children in accordance with their current income or earning potential. The first step in calculating child support is determining the income of each parent which can sometimes be challenging in cases where parents are self-employed.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support is money paid by one spouse to another as financial support following separation or divorce. Many factors are taken into account when determining whether a spouse is entitled to receive spousal support. These factors include the length of the relationship, the age of the parties, whether or not the parties have children and the ages of those children, the income of the spouses, the roles played by each party during the relationship, and the ability of the parties to become economically self-sufficient after separation.

We provide sound legal advice to our clients regarding rights and obligations for payment of spousal support.