Child Custody and Guardianship


The new British Columbia Family Law Act contains a revised child-centered focus in which the best interests of the children are the only consideration in determining child custody, guardianship and parenting time.

A parent who has lived with a child is that child’s guardian. Following separation, both parents continue to be guardians unless a court orders or the parties agree that one parent is not a guardian. Guardians are responsible for making all of the decisions about their child including decisions about the day to day care, medical and educational decisions, decisions about religions upbringing and about where the child will live. After separation, guardians can share parental responsibilities and parenting time or they can agree to allocate these rights and responsibilities in a manner that is in the best interests of their child.

Decisions about custody, guardianship and parenting time can be made by agreement of the parties or by Court Order. At Redmond Law we recognize that the needs and best interests children are the most important consideration when negotiating settlements in family law disputes. We work with our clients to guide them during a process that can be emotionally traumatic, offering empathy and understanding, while at the same time providing sound legal advice and guidance.