Collaborative Law


The Collaborative Law Process is a unique alternative to traditional adversarial divorce. Parties who chose to utilize professionals trained in Collaborative Practice, are choosing not to go to court or even threaten to go to court. They are agreeing to communicate with honesty and respect, to make a sincere effort to understand each other’s interests, needs and concerns, to disclose all relevant documents, and, they are making a conscious decision to work together towards an agreement that is in the best interests of their family.

The Collaborative Process is a more efficient, cost effective way to resolve disputes in family law, while keeping the decision making as well as the family financial resources within the family rather than in the hands of third parties and the Courts. Collaborative Divorce lawyers are committed to working with families to resolve disputes respectfully and without going to Court. Both lawyers work together, as a team, for the benefit of both clients, unlike the traditional litigation model in which opposing counsel is often seen as an enemy aligned with the former spouse and his or her position.

In the Collaborative process, parties make their own decisions about the issues that are most important to them and their families, with the guidance and assistance of their lawyers and with the assistance of child specialists, divorce coaches and financial advisors if appropriate. Karen Redmond is a proud member of the Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Board.