Karen Redmond is certified by the Law Society of British Columbia as a Family Law Mediator, trained to facilitate out of court settlement. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process for resolving family law disputes. A family law mediator is a trained, neutral third party selected and retained jointly by the parties to resolve all areas of family disputes including custody and guardianship, parenting time, division of property and debt, and payment of child and spousal support. A mediator can also draft agreements including separation agreements, cohabitation and marriage agreements.

Mediation is a cost effective means of resolving family law disputes in a respectful manner, while allowing the parties themselves to make the decisions about things that are most important to them. The mediator’s role is to establish ground rules for communication, and to create a safe and confidential environment which allows the parties to engage in a conversation and negotiation. The mediator will provide information and clarification to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. The mediator will not provide legal advice but rather, will recommend to both parties that they get independent legal advice before signing an agreement.

At Redmond Law we provide a professional, comfortable environment for mediation, including break out rooms if it is necessary for parties to take time away from the mediation to consult with their independent counsel.